Monthly ride Ride To Penukonda Fort

Monthly ride Ride To Penukonda Fort

Monthly ride Ride To Penukonda Fort

Penukonda also called Penugonda is a town in the Sri Sathya Sai district of Andhra Pradesh, India. From Bengaluru its about 150klms one side
**Ride #1/12 for 2024: Kicking off the Rotary Year 24-25**
Our ride started at the assembly point, which was at Hebbal bus stop, Bengaluru. The meet up time was 6;30am. All riders were at at exactly 6:20am.A brief ride plan safety given by President Rtn.Prashanth Mishra, and a prayer by Rtn. Manjunath before ride starting the ride.
Our first ride of the Rotary Year 24-25 set the bar high as we journeyed to the picturesque Penukonda Fort. It was a spectacular start with 36 IFMRians, was divided into four group ,all geared up and riding an array of beautiful machines. The weather was on our side, with the cloudy morning adding a refreshing coolness to the air, making the ride even more enjoyable.
At about 7:40am. we stopped for breakfast at Cube Stop Multi-Cuisine Highway Restaurant. A combo south Indian Breakfast was organized. Thank Rtn.Prashanth Babu for pre-booking the breakfast.
As we approached Penukonda, the anticipation built. The fort, with its rich history and scenic views, promised an adventure worth remembering. The road to the summit did not disappoint. It was a thrilling ascent, winding and challenging, testing our skills and rewarding us with breathtaking vistas at every turn.
Upon reaching the summit, the sense of accomplishment was palpable. The panoramic view of the surrounding landscape was nothing short of mesmerizing, a perfect backdrop for our group photos. We took a moment to soak in the beauty and the serenity of the place, a stark contrast to the adrenaline-pumping ride up.
The camaraderie among the riders was evident, with laughter and stories being shared, creating memories that would last long after the ride was over. This ride not only marked the beginning of our Roto Year but also strengthened the bonds within our riding community.
In summary, Ride #1/12 for 2024 was more than just a ride; it was an adventure that celebrated the spirit of riding and the joy of exploring new horizons together. Here’s to many more such memorable journeys in the Rotary Year 24-25!

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