IFMR Goa Ride – IBW

IFMR Goa Ride – IBW

1st Dec to 4th Dec 2022 Day 1 – Bangalore to Goa to Bangalore

Diligent planning and coordination for the all chapter meet in Goa was summarized at pre ride meeting on the 28th Nov & was attended by participating sub chapters. In true organized fashion all relevant information was updated by Ajit and our eager self-prepared for the ride ahead with zeal.

It’s not often we miss taking a group photo before a ride – still wondering how we missed it. The first pics of our Bangalore team riding to Goa for our all chapters meet and to attend the IBW (India Bike Week) was at our first break @ breakfast.

We continued with the small group format tested efficiently during the unity ride. 3 groups of 5 riders each said our prayers and took off from our regular start point KLE collage in Yeshwantpur at 5.30am. The 1st group was lead by Arun with Babanna as sweep, Group 2 was lead by Prashant and Puneet as sweep and Group 3 was lead by Ajit with Rajesh being the super sweep.

Teams from Trissur & Cochin left the previous day on 30th Nov, with Hassan & Sholapur sub chapters starting on 1st Dec. There was a preciseness as we all in small groups experienced agility and speed with the entire team visible to the sweep. It felt safe.

The butt break chat was where the other team have reached and scan the IBW whatsapp group for pics added. Safely we all reached Goa in intervals of 45mins. Our Odometer read a proud 600+ kms in less than 11hrs with adequate breaks.

As the sunset on the horizon and bike tucked away the evening began and was filled with loads of greet and meet fellow riders from other chapters and we all retired for good night’s rest.

Day 2 – Dec 2nd
Early birds found themselves on the beach and some took the trodden path to invite a glorious day. Breakfast was a chatty affair loud and happy joined by Arvind, Vijay and Prashanth who flew in to add happiness.
We all settled to a snooze mode and got busy being lazy. Lunch was a grand affair at Calamari ‘bathe & binge’ and we did…. And How…
As I write this report am finding it difficult to choose a decent post able pic of the bathe… hiding the enormous riders… finally found one that did not need censoring
The dizzy lunch had us all squander away to explore the beach, greeted by happy bathers & some more.
We celebrated Roy’s birthday and Puneet’s wedding annivarsay… with a lot of love for our brothers.
The cakes were polished off made exotic by Dipesh making it a Rum doused cake…
and so ended our lunch…. Completely satiated and feeling lighter in the head we headed out to the IBW venue to witness seas of bikes and bikers. The registrations were smooth and we all waddled into the arena to find the IFMR stall.
It was dizzy the class of bikes and the show was rocking and busting our ear drums… the bikes on show – spitting fire, shamelessly boasting CC’s 1000cc, 1250cc, a 1800cc bike… go figure.
Getting back from the venue was an adventure no less, with more than 25,000 bike I heard someone say (not sure but seemed like it)… we were glad we choose to a taxi back to the hotel. Dinner some had it on the beach and some at the hotel. The day was packed with friendship, fun, camaraderie, oodles of bikes and bikers, the noise of revving engines, music and too much adrenaline. Our vintage self – sought the comforts of a bed.

Day 3 – Dec 3rd
We all got up early, had breakfast and assembled for the all chapters meet attended by members from the following chapters – Goa, Hassan, India, Kochi, Sholapur and Thrissur,.
IFMR India President Rtn. Arun Belur welcomed all the chapters and began the meeting by recognizing the contributions of IFMR India Secretary Rtn. Prashant Mishra & IFMR India IPP Rtn. Ajit Ram for coordinating and organizing the all chapters meet. He thanked all the core members for their individual contributions. Seceratary Rtn. Prasant Mishra invited Charter member Rtn. Srinivas Babu, Rtn. Ajit, Rtn. Rajesh, Rtn. Vijay, Rtn. Prashanth to unveil the new IFMR riding vest. The first one was presented to IFMR International President Rtn. Sunil Telkar.
The chief designer of the vest Rtn. Ajit gave a detailed brief on each aspect of the vest and that the colour chosen for the vest ‘yellow’ is unique (not available in the market) and specially dyed for IFMR. He mentioned we have secured 6000mteres of the material and the newly designed vests are available to all IFMR riders in India.
IFMR International President Rtn. Sunil Telkar talked about IFMR fellowship and how when we ride to other chapters the welcome and camaraderie is so warm, he talked about the 29 chapters in more than 55+ countries we have our IFMR brotherhood. Chapters in West and East Africa can enable a cross Egyptian desert ride if anyone is interested and also if anyone is going for the world conference in Australia next year.
All chapter presidents were given the new vest inviting them to show it riders in the chapters so that orders can be placed.
Rtn. Vijay Mane is also the President of ABC along with Rtn. Prashanth Babu who is the secretary welcomed everyone and talked about ABC events and he presented buffs to all chapter presidents.
All chapters were invited to share their reports and we got a detailed brief of all the activities and rides the sub chapters have undertaken.
All bikers assembled together made a beautiful picture of orange and green in the Goa sunlight.
What followed after was delightful display of playful & friendly competition organized by Vijay… Lots of laughter and happy times followed.
After all the fun and masti we retired and some of us went to the IBW and others decided to shop/sleep and rest. Dinner was left to each individual groups. In sum the day was spent admiring the rides other chapters have completed and have plans for, the fellowship that followed was amazing, the brotherhood alive. We IFMRians have homes in Bangalore, Goa, Hassan, Kochi, Sholapur and Thrissur and growing. Long live the tribe !!!

Day 4 – Dec 4th
We all reported sharp at 5.15am saddled and groups were mixed – India, Kochi and Thrissur chapters rode together. While Hassan along with 2 riders from India chapter rode together on another route.
We all reached safely and again our odometers gleaned with pride 600 kms more in less than 11hrs. It was time to bid adieu – Our President and Secretary thanked everyone for making this a memorable ride and just like that we bid our farewell and headed our ways. We Bangloreans to our home and bikers from Kochi and Thrissur chapter to an intermediate overnight stay at Hosur to commence their journey to Thrissur and Kochi the following day. Everyone reached safely !!!
Until the next ride then…

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