Shravanbela Gola Ride

January Monthly Ride to Shravanbela Gola – 130 km one way. Dated 08.01.2023.

There were 17 riders and 2 guest riders ready at the starting point, KLE Dental College gate at 6.30 am. President Arun Belur welcomed everyone and informed us about today’s route and stoppages. Requested Manjunath sir to offer prayer for today’s ride success and safety, he invoked Lord Ganesh Mantra. Since the group was big, it was divided into two groups of 10 and 9 riders each. The rider sequence was informed, the first group was led by Prez Arun himself and the second group was led by Secretary Prashant Mishra. Both groups left with an interval of 10 minutes. Soon all were on the highway with chilly wind hitting, soon after 10 km ride we were welcomed by thick fog, all the headlights and blinker lights were ON on all the bikes as hazard safety. Fog continued for some time and started fading with the onset of sunrays. The highway was like butter, with less traffic in the next one hour after covering a distance of 85 km we had reached our breakfast point, a popular place, Dhruvtare.
Immediately on our reaching Dhruvtare, we were joined by the riders from IFMR Hassan Subchapter led by dashing Mohan. All of us had joined for the breakfast meet here, Hassan is just 50 km from Dhruvtare, it was pre decided to have fellowship meet with them here and then join us for the last leg of 50 km to Shravanbela Gola town. Spent over one here and slowly all saddled up for the next 50 km ride.
Again the roads were good, once we entered the state highway had better road traction with quality road conditions. Close to 10 am, we were near the famous Bahubali Temple arch. All took group pics and it was decided that whoever wanted to trek to the temple above could go ahead and the rest could leave for Bangalore. The group got divided, the group to temple trek was led by Mandar, they spent over one hour exploring the temple and taking pictures and a second group was led by Prez Arun, which had left for Bangalore. All the riders had a great time today, and had the opportunity to meet friends from Hassan.

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